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Playing Dixie & Swing – that´s the thing!

Dixie Talks – in 134 words!

In December 2007, Kalle Ohlson and Benny Lawin started a new band in Lekeberg, Sweden, to play traditional jazz in “New Orleans” style. 2009 we also engaged Elisabeth Vallhagen as a singer, which gave another dimension and repertoire to the band.


That year we also met Lennart Axelsson, the Swedish trumpet player, who has been playing all over the world together with famous Big Bands and other top jazz groups ….. you name it! He also played solo/1 st trumpet with James Last Orchestra for a number of years.


Now retired from his professorship in improvisation at Hamburg Music Academy, we´ve got the privilege to work with him now and then. He is a perfect mentor and source of inspiration for the band. We are happy and proud to present him together with Dixie Talks on our second CD – Dixie Talks Sweden.


CD records - so far!



In January 2012, we released our second CD – Dixie Talks Sweden.

18 tunes, featuring Lennart Axelsson and Elisabeth Vallhagen.

You can listen to it at Spotify!



In April 2009, we released our first CD -  Dixie Talks Steamin´South!

(really a live-session in the studio).


Apex Blues

When you´re smiling

Black and Blue

Tar Paper Stomp


That was 2012!

Now we are ready to conclude our “tradjazz” year 2012, finding that we´ve had a number of great music experiences together with old and new  jazz listeners in Sweden, Germany and in Canada. The concerts together with Lennart Axelsson (trumpet) in northern Germany and in Penticton, Salmon Arm and Vancouver, B.C. Canada really was something big for us.
So, now we make a short break to meet Santa Claus, celebrate A Happy New Year, and maybe start discussing what will be the music on our third CD.
We will be back on the jazz stage in January 2013, starting at the Cupol Jazz&Blues Club in Karlskoga.
Best wishes
Dixie Talks, Sweden


Our concert calendar:

During the last 2-3 years we´ve been playing at a number of Swedish Jazz Festivals, the Jazz Museum in Strömsholm, Jazz Cruises, a number of Jazz clubs, Churches and other cultural arenas.

We have also participated in the “Swedish Jazz Competition" in Stockholm 2010/2011. We didn´t get the ”gold medal” from the jury, but we got the audiences first prize in the semifinal.


International concert tours:


Dixie Talks Sweden, on tour in Canada 2012

Thanks a million, to all our new music friends – listerners, musicians and all that staff working with different  arrangements around the concerts!  Pentastic we think!

We really loved our two weeks in Penticton, Vernon, Salmon Arm and Vancouver! This will be an everlasting memory for all of us, as musicians as well as tourists in Canada/British Columbia.

Who knows, maybe it will be possible for us to come back another time!

Dixie & Swing – that´s the Thing!

Kalle, Pelle, Benny, BG, Micke, Mats,

Lennart Axelsson and Elisabeth Vallhagen



In May/June 2012 we made our first concert tour in Germany, with four concerts in Flensburg, Dannenberg, Wittenberge and Schleswig. So many jazz enthusiasts, perfect concert halls and perfect service for the band. We are already invited to discuss a second tour in 2013!


Once again

Dixie & Swing - that´s the thing!







Pelle Andersson, (trumpet)

Kalle Ohlson, bandleader, contact (clarinet)

BG Augustini, contact (banjo, vocal)

Micke Hagberg, (bass)

Mats Eriksson, (drums)

Elisabeth Vallhagen, (vocal)

Lennart Axelsson, (trumpet guest soloist)



If You want to say or ask something about our music, please write it in our gästbok/guestbook.


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